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Icons: 66 Classic Garfield

66 icons: Classic Garfield


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61 62 63 64 65 66

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Please comment, I love feedback =)
If you use, please credit me.
Please do not hotlink; save the icons to your own computer and upload them yourself.

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Wow! Snagging a few, will credit if used. I love the oldest comics the best. :)
You ROCK. These ROCK. I will definately be using and joining the community! will credit for sure. Thanks for these!! I LOVE GARFIELD!!
I loved #28 & #29. Don't know that i'll use them anytime soon, but when i do i'll credit you.

I <3 Garfield!
Love 29 and 65!!! I will credit when i use them!
Aw, these are really great. XD Taking some, thanks !
aw man
Garfield when it was still good.
Very cool.
Ahaha! I love these. I'm going to take a few of them.

I took number 21. Thanks.
Thank you so much! I love Garfield!!! I'll probably take a bunch, and use them later. I'll make sure to credit you.
These are so cute! I love the old Garfield- so much better than the new one. Mind if I snag 65, 61, 38, and 42? I will credit. Thanks so much!
Oh, beautiful! I love Garfield. So I'm taking the Odie, #53. Thanks!
Haha, I love the old Garfileld. He used to be so fat a cute! XD

But the "inbetween" garfileds looks sort of weird, because you can see their eyes getting bigger and their bellies gettin smaller in order to become the present garfield...

I miss when Garfiled use to walk on all fours like an actal cat!

Anyways, really nice icons, though I won't be taking any.
OMG! *LOL* Those sooo rocked! Not sure what ones I'm gonna take yet.

Takes me back...*shows her age* When I was a kid...I remember when Garfield FIRST came out....and how hard I laughed.
I looooooooove garfield. they've been showing the old garfield and friends cartoon again, is that what inspired you?
=D Thanks
Actually I post the daily strip on my LJ so when I was bored I just went back to the 78 and 79 and made icons out of them ^_^
OMG, YAY! Thees are awesome!
And I can spell! THESE are awesome, too.
I love them all! Great work!
I love these! I'll definitely be saving some, and I'll credit you when I use them. :D

I love this as much as Garfield loves Pookie. Brilliant. Taking a bunch. Will credit when I use because this is awesome.
These are too cute! I'm going to take a few, but I will give credit.
Really funny. I love Garfield
Old-school! Awesome! I love #13.
Love 'em!
Those are great. I took #60.
Lovely! I took #13 with credit. Thanks!
I took #65 thanks!! Will credit. One of my cats taps me on the face to get me to wake up and pet her. Hee Hee!
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