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Icons: 66 Classic Garfield

Tags: garfield, icons
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took #29

eek! will be saving heaps of these :):) I love the old garfield comics!
I took so mnay! Thanks for making them. I will credit when used.
My favorite comic strip! Sweet, I'll definately be grabbing a few of these. Great work!
Loves you to pieces!
#'s 63 and 65 are so my cat lol
Will credit!
I loooves Garfield, and cats in general ^.^ thanks for sharing!
These are FANTASTIC! I will probably take 22 and 58.
I LOVE THESE Didn't take any as of yet, but will be back.
oh garfield...i loved this as a child.
very cute ones

Deleted comment

Thank you! I love your icons and your Sims legacies so I feel quite honoured that you've come across and liked some of my icons! ♥
took #65, will credit & thanks :)
I love these! Brilliant work!
these are spectacular!!!! i'm taking a ton of these, too many to list, almost all of them. :) thank you so much for all your time and effort! i'm crediting you and pimping you in my journal, too. ;)

i love these! i'm taking a ton and adding this post to my memories. you have some great stuff here. will credit - thanks! :)
Cool! :D I love Garfield!
just wanted to say "much love for your garfy icons"!
I'm not going to use any of them (at least not for now) but i couldnt resist saving some to my HD (13, 26, 39)

thanks for sharing, they're amazing!
Classic Garfield! I have those comics, but in b&w. Lovely!
took 44 and 75 will diffently credit! these are fantastic!
These are awesome! I look forward to seeing more Garfields. :)
i <3 garfield... haha but i like the new version better:P
love ur icons though..
took no.48
will credit
These are just so much fun! Ah, the memories.
i took like a kazillion of em
Love vintage Garfield. Will credit you. :D
Took a few. Will credit :]
Taking #38!
Of course I'll credit you if I use it.
Thank you~!
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